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An Arts Education Program for People with Special Needs

Advocates for the Disabled

Advocates for the Disabled, Inc. is an organization dedicated to providing the highest quality of Service Coordination Protection and Advocacy for the Developmentally Disabled.  We are active proponents of the 3IP (Independence, Inclusion and Individualization) promoted through OMRDD (NYs Office of Mental Retardation and Development Disabilities) and work diligently to provide maximum independence, community inclusion, while respecting individuality.  


We seek to provide these services through:

    • Coordination and collaboration of the delivery of services for the needs of persons with Developmental Disabilities;
    • Ensuring that individuals and/or their families and advocates receive all services to which they are legally entitled and which allow them to have the highest quality of life;
    • Assessing that individuals with Developmental Disabilities are being treated with dignity and respect, and that their residences are safe and secure;
    • Monitoring to ensure that individuals with Developmental Disabilities are given the maximum range of choice for which they are capable without impairing their health or safety; and
    • Educating staff and families of individuals with Developmental Disabilities to increase the quality of their environment.

For families and individuals who need services, and either do not qualify for Medicaid or do not have the ability to apply for Medicaid.  ADi, will provide a Service Coordinator who will assist in arranging for services and or Medicaid on a private pay basis. ADi fees for private paid services are set on a sliding scale.

Click to learn more about Advocates for the Disabled: www.AdvocatesfortheDisabled-NY.org.