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An Arts Education Program for People with Special Needs

CLC Supplemental Pooled Trust

For the benefit of its consumers, CLC Supplemental Needs Pooled Trust was established in 1996 to enable CLC clients and their loved ones to set aside monies for supplemental needs without losing governmental benefits, such as Medicaid and SSI.  Five years later, Trust participation was opened to non-CLC consumers, as well. 

The Supplemental Needs Pooled Trusts allow permanently disabled individuals and/or their loved ones to set aside funds for needs such as extra clothing, books and furniture. By enrolling in a CLC trust, funds can be set aside while preserving the eligibility benefits persons with disabilities need to quality for Medicaid, SSI, and other government benefits requiring a wealth and income test.

  For more information about CLC Trusts go to www.clcpooledtrust.org