Artist Instructors

Sharon Sinnott, Program Director-  Sharon started working with Hidden Treasures as a volunteer, teacher, and now director.  Sharon provides over ten years of experience to her role as Program Director and looks forward most to the end of the year Art & Talent Show.

Billy Ayres, Musical Drama-  Billy has led the Musical Drama program for Hidden Treasures for over 15 years.  With a background in performance and education, the musical drama class helps our students reach their peak creativity and self-expression.

Larry Cerretani, Arts & Crafts-  Larry, was previously a volunteer and is now the lead instructor of the Arts & Crafts program.  Larry and his students create projects that each student can bring home and share with their friends and family for all to enjoy.

Keith Yerger, Studio Art & Sculpting-  Keith is a true artist with years of experience in art instruction to people of all ages and abilities.  Keith is excited about the new Sculpting program coming Fall 2022.

Claudia Camachio, Modern Dance-  With over ten years of experience working with the disabled population, Claudia continues to lead our students as the Modern Dance instructor.  Claudia creates an inclusive space where students with all ability and talent levels can come together and perform.

Claude Preece, Choral Group-  Claude, teacher, and musician, has led the Choral ensemble for over ten years.  With the assistance of his guitar and wife, Kathy, Claude, and his choral students are show stoppers when they hit any stage or performance.

JoAnn Cerretani, Choral Group-  JoAnn has over twenty years of experience working with the developmentally disabled community.  As the assistant in the Choral Group and Musical Drama class, JoAnn can be caught singing and dancing along with our students each night.